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I am a husband and a father of two kids with whom I love to cook and eat. In this blog, I hope to share with you not only some of my, as well as my family’s, favorite recipes, but also some interesting things I have learned or done as a husband, father, and cook.

Ballpark Pretzels

Making ballpark pretzels at home is actually pretty easy.  And, the end result is delicious!  I recently made these for a birthday party, and they were a big hit.  The kids loved them, and the adults were impressed they were made from scratch.  If you make pretzels using this recipe, …

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Pizza Sauce

This pizza sauce is spectacular!  I have used it many times when making thin and deep-dish pizza.  Lately, I have tried it on cauliflower pizza crust.  What I like most about this recipe, which comes from Cook’s Illustrated, is how fresh it tastes.  And, with all-natural ingredients, it has very …

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