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I am a husband and a father of two kids with whom I love to cook and eat. In this blog, I hope to share with you not only some of my, as well as my family’s, favorite recipes, but also some interesting things I have learned or done as a husband, father, and cook.

Greek Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an appetizer that I believe goes over well in the summer. When tomatoes are in season, nothing tastes better than biting into a crisp piece of grilled French bread topped with flavorful tomatoes. I have been making this bruschetta recipe for over 20 years. I think the feta …

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Zucchini in a pot?

My 8-year old daughter has been bugging me to grow vegetables.  I was concerned about growing vegetables in our small yard, which has been taken over by my wife’s various perennial gardens.  So, I told my daughter that we would try and grow some vegetables in terra cotta pots.  Of …

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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are a sure sign of summer, and when they are in season, nothing tastes better. My family and I especially enjoy using strawberries to make strawberry shortcake, served with ice-cream and whipped cream.  What follows is a recipe for strawberry shortcake, which comes from Cook’s Illustrated, that simply can’t be …

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