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Fathead Pizza

I have been on a low-carb kick recently.  But after a few weeks, I craved some pizza.  When you google “low-carb pizza,” the most popular hits are for something called “Fathead Pizza.”  It is also a very popular recipe on the various subreddits dedicated to Keto diets on Reddit. The …

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Perfect Popovers

I frequently make a batch, or two, of these “Perfect Popovers” at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter.  What I like about them is that they are tasty, impressive, and easy to make. (What’s not to love about that!) Try them next time you have a formal dinner. I think your guests will …

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Coconut Cake

Whenever I start seeing recipes for coconut cake, I know that Spring has arrived.  I made this cake, which comes from King Arthur Flour, for my father’s birthday, and everyone loved it.  In contrast to other coconut cakes I have tried, this one is light and not overly sweet. Yet, …

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