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Tandoori Chicken

Indian food is a favorite in my house.  In particular, my family, and especially my kids, love tandoori chicken.  Because we do not have a good Indian restaurant close to us, and my kids were clamoring for tandoori chicken, I wanted to try and make it at home.  I wanted …

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Best BBQ Beef and Pork

Don’t overlook this recipe!  A quick glance of the ingredients and instructions may leave you doubting how good this recipe can be. Trust me. It is amazing!  The recipe comes from my wife’s grandmother. Her neighbor gave it to her over 60 years ago, and my wife’s family has been …

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Pizza Sauce

This pizza sauce is spectacular!  I have used it many times when making thin and deep-dish pizza.  Lately, I have tried it on cauliflower pizza crust.  What I like most about this recipe, which comes from Cook’s Illustrated, is how fresh it tastes.  And, with all-natural ingredients, it has very …

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