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Easy Microwave Latte Foam

My wife loves lattes.  So she sent me on a mission to find an easy way to make one of her favorite drinks at home. What I found is this trick for easy microwave latte foam, which comes from thekitchn.com.  The next time you are craving a latte or cappuccino, I hope you give this trick a try.


Non-fat or 2% milk (about 1 cup)

Ball jar or similar container with a tight-fitting lid


Pour the desired amount of milk in the Ball jar or similar container and seal it tightly.  Shake the milk in the jar for 60 seconds to create foam and double the volume of milk in the jar.

img_3204 img_3205 img_3206

Microwave the jar (without the lid!) for 40-45 seconds.  (Watch the jar the last 10 seconds or so, as it could overflow.)

img_3207 img_3216

Microwaving the milk serves two purposes.  It increases the amount of foam while also stabilizing it.  When the microwaving is done, you can spoon the foam into your cup.  Depending on what kind of drink you are making, you can add the milk too.  (For a latte, you want to add the milk.)


Easy Microwave Latte Foam


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